The Telling Classroom

All children and youngsters in school need to feel that their experiences, thoughts and opinions have value and which can be made visible to others through their own stories. Therefore we want to create environments that in the best way support meetings, dialogues and story telling in school. The telling classroom is both a vision and a concrete trial using modern technology and a well thought through interior in order to create the best opportunities for students learning's.

Every part of the learning process shall in the best way be supported by furnishing the classroom in four different stimulating environments for creations and creative story telling; the stage, the cafe, the mediatek and the studio.

The Stage


The central part of the classroom is the stage. It is used during the phase of inspiration when reading text from a navel or to dramatise a historical event. The stage can also be the place for the students own accounts in the form of role play, debates and presentations.

In other words the stage is the place where teachers and students together choose the most appropriate way of expressing opinions and experiences within the topic. Around the stage it is furnished in a half circle for all the pupils to have a seat. All environments have access to computers/laptops and a projector in the ceiling.

The Cafe


In the cafe you will find technology and furnishing for the purpose of discussions and mutual brainstorming with the help of digital mind maps. In the cafe the students can even make contact with scientists, work places, politicians and parents with the support of IP phoning and video conferencing.

The best form of intelligence in a subject is to make contact with someone who has knowledge and an overview of the topic. By doing it this way the student will quickly gain an overview of a new topic and will create an interest to work more and learn more about this new topic.

The Mediatek


When the students have agreed on a question you go to the mediatek, which is equipped with factual papers and literature. The mediatek is furnished with a large publishing table with computers in order to be able to do research over the internet.

In the mediatek projectors are used to show how you search for information together. This creates a dynamic learning when the students can take advantage of each others search techniques and discuss the different sources credibility. It is very important that the information search doesn't become a solitary task. It needs to be something the students do together. The students will have a continuous dialogue about the quality of the information and the sources of the same information.

The Studio


Now it is time to work all the material and put together the results into production. This is done in the studio. Here are computers and equipment for information gathering ie digital cameras and video cameras. Students will be able to leave the classroom and go out and do interviews. Learning cannot exclusively be done within the classrooms four walls and, therefore, the telling classroom will always be in touch with the world outside in many different ways.

We reach out through video conferencing and we go out to get picture materials and information. The studio is also used as a digital science lab where e.g. we perform virtual dissections.