Entrada II


The Entrada II from Drabert is sophisticated and substantial. Both in terms of its looks and its features. It is a task chair that combines shape, function and ergonomics in the best possible way. And as the successor to the popular Entrada chair, it rests on positive foundations. But now newly developed and customised for this day and age, for new working environments and new ways of working.

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Simplified ergonomics

With its unique mechanism and intuitive controls, it is easy to adjust the seat to yourself and your needs. With Drabert’s proven ergonomic system, it offers a dynamic seating concept. A healthy seating position that can be easily customised to each individual. The successful ergonomic concept is based on the following guidelines.

Prevents static sitting and encourages movement and various types of seating positions. This has a positive effect on our muscles and blood circulation.

The arms, legs and back are supported in a good, ergonomic way by the chair’s back, seat, armrest and lumbar support. Padding in the back and seat offers the best possible cushioning and comfort.

The controls are easy to reach and intuitive to use and set. Everything you need to make the chair your own.

Design - Daniel Figueroa

The Entrada II has a sophisticated design with pure, classical lines. Its style can be recognised from its predecessor. But the Entrada II is still one of a kind. Created by a familiar look. And customised for our day and age. The chair’s designer is, now as before, the internationally renowned Daniel Figueroa. He has been designing for Drabert since 1995, and his designs include the Salida and Esencia task chairs. He has won many awards and has extensive experience in designing furniture for working environments and public areas.

“It´s an evolution not a revolution” 

- Daniel Figueroa

The brochure

Entrada II instruction

Learn more about the sophisticated and generous task chair Entrada II. And how it combines form, function and ergonomics in the best possible way.  

Entrada II product film

Functions & options

With a number of simple adjustments, Entrada II can be set to suit you and your working situation. The heart of the chair is the new mechanism, which enables the seat and back to move synchronously in a well-balanced movement pattern.

Seat height

You can easily set the chair’s seat height to suit you. This is to give your body the best possible support.

Seat depth

The seat depth can be adjusted (100 mm) in relation to the chair back to give the best possible seating position and support for your legs and thighs.

Synchrone mechanism

The Synchrone mechanism allows the seat and backrest to move synchronously (simultaneously) in a 1:2.7 ratio. All to promote dynamic sitting. Using the controls, you can easily adjust the chair’s tilt and resistance to suit you.

Chair back's tilting resistance

Entrada II has a well-balanced tilting movement in its back. It lets you quickly and easily set the required tilting resistance for your chair back.

Lumbar support

The lumbar support is integrated into the chair back. It is height adjustable and gives the lower back extra support.

Chair back position

This lets you set how far back the chair back is allowed to tilt. The back can also be locked in an upright position.

2D armrest

The armrests are fixed to the mechanism, keeping them in place when the seat depth is adjusted. This gives the best lower arm and elbow support. The 2D armrests are height and width adjustable.

5D armrest

The multifunctional 5D armrests are available as options. They are height, forward and backward adjustable, as well as inwards and angled to give optimal support.

Gas spring

The gas spring is made of metal and is available in two finishes, graphite black or chrome (used on the polished finish chair model). A gas spring with extra cushioning for increased comfort is available as an option.

Hard castors, standard

Castors can be chosen depending on the type of flooring you have. Select the black hard castors if the flooring is soft.

Soft castors, option

Select soft black castors with light-grey rubber housing if the flooring is hard.

Star base, standard

By resting your feet on the star base, you take the pressure off the back of your thighs to create a restful position. The star base included as standard is a plastic graphite black model.

Star base, option

Graphite black, silver or die-cast polished aluminium star bases are available as options.

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Swedish-made sustainability

The Entrada II is manufactured in our own production facilities, which gives us control of the entire process. Our manufacturing process takes place in an energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable manner.