Kinnarps is a local family owned company that has developed into a global community with several thousand employees around the world. Our ambition is to give each individual the opportunity to be personally involved in the company’s development – on the basis of our corporate objectives in both the short and long term. Clear competencies and clear structures form the organisational basis within Kinnarps Group.

Kinnarps Holding AB
is the holding company in the Group.

Kinnarps AB
has a number of central corporate departments who work with Group-wide functions, coordination, management and control. These departments also support other parts of the organisation in their respective areas of responsibility. Kinnarps AB has also the commercial responsibility and the product development responsibility for the Group's product brands; Kinnarps, Drabert and Martin Stoll.

Materia Group 
is responsible for the independent brands Materia, Skandiform and NC Nordic Care and organised directly under Kinnarps Holding AB.

Kinnarps Production AB
is responsible for manufacturing products at the three production units in Kinnarp, Jönkoping and Skillingaryd in Sweden. Functions such as procurement, logistics, production and technical design is coordinated for the best efficiency.

Kinnarps GmbH
is responsible for manufacturing products at the two German production sites in Minden and Worms. The company also co-ordinate functions in Germany such as procurement and technical design. Kinnarps GmbH has also the commercial responsibility in Germany.

Sales subsidiaries
Kinnarps owns a number of sales companies around the world. Each company is headed by a Managing Director with a national team and other resources to effectively carry out its sales activities. Each company has the commercial responsibility for their region.

In Sweden, the commercial responsibility is divided into six units, called regions. In each region one or more subsidiaries are included. Each region has the commercial responsibility for their area.

Kinnarps GmbH has the commercial responsibility in Germany.

Kinnarps also has a network of independent agents with agreements. These agents are acting as dealers of Kinnarps workspace interior solutions. In total Kinnarps has 500 sales points around the world.