Body and mind in harmony

From individual to organisation

If you offer total interior workspace solutions, you naturally consider ergonomic implications as a key part of every project. Offering advice to customers on ergonomics is an everyday part of what we do. We firmly view ergonomics as a balanced interaction between man and environment. It embraces physical and mental issues as well as the wider social working environment. Quite simply, its about seeing how things are connected - from the small personal detail to the wider corporate landscape.

“As an ergonomist I try to take an overall view of work and environment. And the goal is simple: To help people feel well at their workstations.”
/Anders Lundahl, Cert. physiotherapist and ergonomist, Kinnarps occupational health care

Psychosocial ergonomics
Finds the balance between the requirements of work and the individual.

Physical ergonomics
Adapting the workplace to the individual’s physical needs.

Organisational ergonomics
Looking at the implications of decisionmaking and distribution of tasks.

Health promotion
The significance of all types of exercise and recreation.