Ergonomics is not something you learn in one day

Making it easier for the user

When Evy and Jarl Andersson started Kinnarps in 1942, ergonomics was not something people talked about. However, Jarl was not just a skilled carpenter, but also a clever inventor. He was always trying to develop ideas which made it easier for the user - exactly what ergonomics is about. And that’s still the road we’re on. With a growing customer list, international expansion and an ever greater interest in ergonomics from a social and business perspective, Kinnarps today has a vast, in-depth knowledge of the significance of ergonomic thinking.

“In the beginning, ergonomics was mainly about how to sit on the chair. Today, ergonomics is a matter of the inter-relation between the individual, technology and the design of the entire workplace.”
/Rune Karlsson, Architect Kinnarps



The Ero-chair, four models with adjustable seat and back, is launched.


The desk chair 510 was the first big, ergonomic chair with individual customisation by means of adjustable seat and back.


When computers became more common in the office, data terminal desks were developed; freestanding or integrated in a recess in the table top.


The Vip Matic function, which followed the body’s pattern of movement, is launched in connection with the new 790 desk chair.


The furniture line Decade, based on new ergonomic findings, is launched with integrated cabling and lighting and sit/stand functionality, among other features.


MSG, the first motorised sit/stand desk, is launched; a predecessor to today’s vertically adjustable desks.


Kinnarps launches the patented Free float function in the 6000 chair series, a unique mechanism where the body determines the movement of the chair.


The compact workstation Zapp, an ergonomically designed workstation for the home and office, is launched and attracts great interest.


In order to offer ergonomic lighting solutions, collaboration with the lighting specialist Luxo is established.


A new type of gel-material with pressure relieving properties is introduced for use in our armrests.


Free Float and Synchron functions are integrated into the new 9000 chair, also equipped with Kinnarps’ ComfortControl™, a new user-friendly control panel.