Service Concept

The modern workplace is complex and makes high demands on flexibility, efficiency and ergonomics, so that your employees have a sense of well-being, keep healthy and can do a good job. This requires time, resources and competence. Kinnarps has over 60 years experience in creating smoothly functioning  work environments: from small businesses with a few employees to major global companies and large projects such as sports arenas, universities and hospitals. Apart from high-quality furniture, we also offer a comprehensive service program that starts at our first meeting and subsequently guides you safely through the whole project. If you have any special requirements, we can also offer consulting services. The Kinnarps Total Service Concept helps you do a better job.

The Kinnarps Basic Service – the core of our program

Our basic service offers support from the start of the project to after-sales service in six steps –irrespective of the size of your order. With professional project management, our own expertise and tools such as Configura, we can help you, for instance to minimise your office space or enhance the image of your company as an attractive workplace. The basic service comprises a complete package. We deliver and install our products without leaving any packaging behind.

Kinnarps Consulting Services – for projects with specific requirements

Some projects require specialist competence. Kinnarps can offer a broad range of consulting services – from project management to interior design. Thanks to our network of in-house and external specialists, we can satisfy most requirements. Kinnarps also offers financing solutions, such as preferential rental arrangements.