Kinnarps Leasing & Rental

It’s now really simple to finance your furnishing purchases

You already rent photocopiers, coffee machines and company cars. And now it’s just as easy and advantageous to rent furniture that matches the company’s needs of today and tomorrow – and can be easily replaced or complemented.

Kinnarps offers a series of advantageous financing and insurance packages. A leasing or rental agreement gives you
control over your investments and does not tie-up your capital unnecessarily. There are many advantages to renting or
leasing instead of investing your own funds or financing your purchases by taking out a loan. You additionally avoid time-consuming administration for depreciation and inventory lists.


Don’t burden your liquid assets

Get what you need, without burdening either your capital or your credit options.

We solve the furnishing needs of the entire workplace

Our range includes furniture, carpets, textiles, lighting and much more.

Retain your loan options at the bank

Greater scope of action for future investments and new business opportunities.

You can adapt the furniture during the rental period

Guaranteed flexibility – you can exchange furniture, reduce or increase the number of items at any time if your needs change.

Don’t burden your balance sheets

Kinnarps owns the furniture so your balance sheet cannot be burdened by your assets.


Insurance is included when you rent from us

Customised all-risk insurance with low premiums and selfrisk options. 

Budget individual rentals as a fixed cost

Your monthly payments are budgeted as an operating cost.

Choose your own contract term

Twelve months, three years or longer – you decide how long to rent or lease.

The entire rental sum is deductable

Rentals are a 100% deductable payment in terms of both tax and profits.

You have various options at the end of the rental period

A new rental agreement with new or existing furniture or the option to buy individual items.