Is your workplace adjusted to you?

We are all different.

Creating an ergonomic and effective workplace is about matching the required work tasks to the individual employee’s physical aptitudes. Male or female, tall or short, old or young, all require different solutions to operate efficiently and safely. The person whose role involves a lot of phone work may need to sit differently to the person who mostly operates a computer. Still there are many who insist on designing the office as if we all looked the same and had the same work tasks. That can be very costly in the long run.

“Adjusting the workplace to the individual is as much about knowledge of people as about interior design solutions. We can offer both.”
/Philippe Arin, Chief Designer, Kinnarps France

Call centre with effectively sound-insulated workstations


The manager’s workplace offers good ergonomics for both the manager and visitors


Touch-down centre with quickly adjustable workstations for mobile employees


Creative cluster which increases the opportunity for good group communications