Soft character with the special features of wool.
Amdal is a soft and natural fabric that gives a cosy feeling with its felted character. The fabric is a mixture of wool, which makes the fabric naturally anti-static and moisture absorbing, and viscose that gives the fabric extra lustre. With its appealing colours, Amdal works well in all types of working environments or public areas.  

Price class: 4

Weight: 500 g/m2

Composition: 70% wool, 30% viscose

Lightfastness: 6 (scale 1-8)

Durability: > 50,000 turns Martindale

Washing recommendations: Foam or dry cleaning P

Flammability: EN 1021-1 & 2 (in combination with standard polyurethane 22 kg/m3 - 30 kg/m3)