7 smart steps


How does one create the perfect workplace? Smart companies know that design and behavioural science go hand in hand. Here are seven factors that define satisfaction at work!

  1. Ergonomics An acclaimed study (HOK) which interviewed 3,200 office workers was recently conducted in the USA. It revealed that as many as 82 percent experienced muscular problems at some time due to poor ergonomics. Don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish.
  2. Temperature. Did you know that exactly 21.6 degrees is the ideal workplace temperature? For every degree above or below this, our concentration levels drop by between 1 to 2 percent. Keep tabs on the thermostat!
  3. Variation. Spending days on end staring into the same boring office landscape is devastating for energy levels. Your brain needs visual variety to work – break the monotony by introducing art, patterns and colours. But remember to never choose colours based on your own personal taste, but those backed up by scientific facts. Blue does actually make you feel more at peace. And yes, it is true that red makes us more alert. Get the advice of a colour and interior design expert!
  4. Ventilation. It is normally the case that air indoors contains a hundred times more allergenic particles than the air outdoors. This is clearly a health issue, given that the office workers in the west spend 90 percent of their time actually indoors. To prevent allergies and diseases like asthma, it is important to invest in interiors carrying eco and quality assurance labels. We here at Kinnarps can help you.
  5. Private space. Noise is perhaps the most common complaint and very much discussed at coffee breaks at work. To be able to decide on the music you want to listen to boosts job satisfaction or to be able to close a door behind you to perform essential tasks in peace and quiet without being constantly interrupted.
  6. Life at the top. The higher up in a building we work, the better we feel. And not only that, studies also show that we are nicer to our colleagues. A view of the outdoors has a magical effect on our senses.
  7. Commitment. Happy employees are both more creative and healthier, so it is essential that management clearly shows they want to invest in interior design and environment. This is a positive signal that boosts commitment and loyalty.