Check the noise level!


Is it the sofas in the reception, the poor coffee or the uncleaned toilets? The survey company Leesman asked 100,000 office employees from more than 49 countries what they found most annoying about their workplaces.

No less than 70 per cent answered "the noise level", and the fact that they are often interrupted and have to start over again.
  "If such an overwhelming majority think this is a problem, it's time for company managers to take it seriously. We already know that the noise level is a major cause of poor productivity, which in the long run is really expensive for companies," says Philip Vanhoutte at Leesman.
Research shows that we lose 10–15 minutes of our focused work time whenever we are interrupted by unwanted noise. For this reason, according to the survey, a third of employees who have an important task ahead of them choose to leave their workplace so that they can work in peace and quiet somewhere else.
So what's the solution?
The British Council for Offices has calculated that if better acoustics could improve productivity by just 2 per cent, this would mean an average annual cost saving of SEK 1,500 per square metre for British companies.
A simple tip to begin with is to invest in smart sound absorbers. Here you can read more about what Kinnarps has to offer.