Colours have an impact


The colours that surround us during our working hours affect us, our behaviour and our feelings. Many psychologists have studied the significance of colours and have shown that they are perceived in various ways, producing some kind of reaction amongst most people. However, it has not been easy to clarify precisely how colours affect our feelings, as this depends to a certain extent on culture, time and place.

But even if there are differing opinions about how colours work their magic, we can agree that they are of great importance and that they often influence us more than we realise.

There are four primary colours that affect us most and which act as an emotional compass, namely green, yellow, red and blue. They are often divided into warm (red, orange and yellow) and cold colours (lilac, blue and green). Their different properties evoke specific feelings in us and contribute to creating particular atmospheres in rooms and other environments. With regard to interiors, it is interesting that a cold colour subjectively increases the size of an area while a warm colour makes it seem smaller. A warm colour also creates a welcoming feeling while a cold colour makes us perceive a cooler space.