Creative hub


It is a given that comfort and a sense of community are essential for boosting creativity in a workplace. But how do you create that relaxed atmosphere which ensures that all employees feel seen and like they are part of something? From receptionist to top management – The giant in sport's fashion, Adidas, has its very own solution!

At the headquarters in Nuremberg – which goes under the name of The Pitch – Adidas has had a creative hub built where you can go to test ideas. It could, for example, be the development of a new pattern, testing odd materials or redesigning a garment from scratch. Anything is possible. But the point is that you don't have to be a designer in order to gain access to Makers Lab, the name of the studio, but everyone's welcome. Here already exists all the support and technical resources one could ever dream of; sewing machines, 3D-printers, laser cutters and an endless range of materials to work with. Of course not all ideas become real products that can be sold, but the beauty is that the possibility exists and that it has led to a completely new and more creative work environment. Or in the words of a proud staff member "it is a little bit like easing a door open in your brain that was previously closed. Now we dare to do more."
Top marks for this investment!