Focus more


Trying to remain focused in a storm of distractions is not easy. Here are 5 smart tips how you can keep your brain in shape.

The alert sound of a new e-mail, continual Facebook updates, Twitter trying to get your attention and only a short time to go to lunch. We live in an age full of distractions, both digital and analogical, which prevent us from working efficiently. Researchers are now warning of the health risks. Our brains are not made to take in all this information. But using simple measures it is actually possible to become and remain focused.

1. Turn off the alert window that pops up every time a new e-mail arrives. E-mails are seldom important enough that you have to stop what you are concentrating on.

2. Eat loads of protein for breakfast and lunch. They give a steady flow of energy instead of carbohydrates which are converted into sugar and cause mood swings.

3. Drink coffee slowly. What we want is a balance in our bodies even in the levels of caffeine.

4. Practice mindfulness in the office. Each time you disrupt your work to check your In-box for instance say to yourself: ”Now I am distracted.” This creates a nerve connection in the brain that helps you to focus.

5. Meditate by thinking about how you breathe. When you realise that the thoughts in your mind are about to disperse, force yourself to focus on your breathing. Roll back your shoulders and breathe slowly.