Here is your future!


What are the most attractive future trends at the workplace? Welcome to work in 2030!

You "print" your lunch as well as your office materials with a 3D-printer and conduct meetings in the office's greenhouse – this, at least, predicts dozens of futurologists in a study on the 'offices of the future' generated by British Plusnet. They also believe holograms will be replacing the receptionist. Additionally the technological advancements will enable us to better focus on our tasks – all communication that is not immediately necessary will be filtered away. This will be achieved by smart tech-solutions built into our clothing and interior design, making it easier for us to choose when we want to make ourselves available. A main focus will also be on health and well-being, and what is compiled under the term biophilia – the science exploring whether we are happier and become more productive the closer we are to nature. Walls will alternate colours according to our moods but they also predict that the indoors will take on attributes similar to the outdoor environment.
The future workplace will as such have many more natural light sources; walls and ceilings will be made transparent through new and innovative materials. And the classical meeting room will look more like a creative greenhouse.
Bring it on!