Closing a door to get some peace and quiet is not possible in the day of open office spaces. This triggers new ways to highlight the need for privacy. Do you know what your colleague's headphones actually mean?

It is said that the best ideas are born across desktops and creativity grows in open spaces. At the same time, many claim that open plan offices are a scourge when one wants to close a door and be left alone. Someone is talking annoyingly loud on the phone, someone else is playing music in backbeat, a third person has a way of cracking their putting on headphones can be the solution, especially among the younger generation. A survey by Manpower Work Life, which also formed the basis for Kinnarps' extensive Trend report which was published earlier this year, reveals that four out of ten people born in the 80s listen to music in their headphones when they need to work effectively. This is comparable with those born in the 50s where only one in ten uses headphones at work.
“Music in headphones can be an effective way to get some peace and quiet. But in the perfect working environment, there are customised areas and furniture that create quiet, undisturbed workplaces, even in open plan offices,” says Elisabeth Slunge, Brand, Range, Design Director at Kinnarps.