Mobile revolution


Intelligent glasses and laser keyboards... we take a look at the major trends in technology this year and some of the new products that will make your time at work that little bit easier.

Do you think that technology is developing too fast? You have seen nothing yet - we are on the threshold of a mobile revolution! Technological aids are no longer static and flash on desks waiting for us to use them. They are instead being sewn into clothes and accessories to detect how we feel, such as “thinking” wrist watches and “intelligent” glasses. The big new product is of course Google Glass which will be made available to consumers this year. They are voice activated, fitted with a camera and those wearing them are online all the time, to mention just a few of the areas of application they offer. Another clear trend is the availability of products clearly targeting the needs of adults. One good example of this is the new tablet Iconia W510 from Acer which has Windows 8 and Microsoft Office. For those of us who want to work and not play Angry Birds... Another very helpful device in the office is Magic Cube from Celluon; a keyboard that is projected straight onto the desktop using a sharp laser beam. Just tap the desktop to write! Smartphones are also continually being streamlined: Sony launches the Xperia Z1 Compact with a touchscreen that can be used while wearing a normal pair of gloves. How we have waited for this! Among all the mobile and handy new products, we also have to shine a light on a classic - the stationary phone is still in business. The new Gigaset S820 includes everything mobile phones have to offer, for instance a touchscreen and text messaging.

Google Glass - Thinking Glasses

Google Glass - thinking glasses.

Magic Cube - Smart Keyboard

Magic Cube - smart keyboard.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact – practical touchscreen.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact - practical touchscreen.

Iconia W510 – tablet for adults.

Iconia W510 - tablet for adults.

Gigaset S820 – comeback for the stationary phone.

Gigaset S820 - comeback for the stationary phone.