Move in with Picasso?


How would Picasso have been as an architect? Dalí? Mondrian? The Italian illustrator Federico Babina has given this idea some consideration in a series of illustrations which are both inspirational and trigger the imagination.

Modernism gave birth to numerous iconic artists boasting unmistakeable design. One does not have to be an art historian to recognise Picasso's twisted shapes or Lichtenstein's comic book aesthetics. Perhaps this is because the work of the artists quickly inspired a chain reaction of pop-cultural phenomena? Federico Babina has let his imagination run riot but he still hits the spot on how houses by the great artists would have looked if they had designed and built them themselves. Twenty seven artists, from the 1900s up until today, are covered.
“Art and architecture are disciplines that cross paths all the time. When art evolves so does architecture,” says Babina.
It is surely a tantalising idea to think of what our cities and buildings would have looked like if Picasso had gone down another road.