Offices have an impact on health


Show me your workplace – and I can say how you feel! OK, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but the fact is that according to an up-to-the-minute study, there is a major correlation between your health and what your office is like.

The worst conditions are those in either very small workplaces, or alternatively large, open landscapes – in both cases a marked increase in absence due to illness can be observed*. The explanation for this is thought to be the lack of small private spaces where you can escape to make a phone call or to have the chance to work for a while in peace and quiet.
So, where do people feel best, both physically and mentally? A pronounced improvement in health can be observed in those workplaces where there are activity-based solutions, where employees always have options for how and where they want to work.
However, somewhat surprisingly, the classic office cubicle does not seem to work particularly well. The reason is thought to be that sitting alone in a confined space makes it impossible to avoid phone calls or incoming e-mails – there is no question about who they are intended for. Many people experience this as highly stressful. In comparison with activity-based workplaces, there is also much less efficiency – fully 14 per cent lower.
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* The study was conducted by Superlab.