Right environment leads to better results


How do you create the right atmosphere at a company? What is it that bonds employees and teams and makes them work together? A few companies have cracked the code, while others have not. Kinnarps looks into an issue that is as engaging as it is heatedly debated.

When a company is small and a start-up, it is easy to create a positive pioneering spirit as everyone knows everyone else. However, as the company grows and more employees are taken on, it becomes necessary to actively work on creating the kind of culture that everyone wants. 

If all of your employees get up and head straight out the door en masse as soon as the clock hits five, it would be fair to assume that they are not altogether happy with their job. Obviously, this does not mean that 60-hour weeks are something to aim for, but if you want to have a happy and functioning workplace it is vital to create a sense of commitment among employees.

So how do you do this? Often it is a question of attitude, which starts with the company's management being transparent about its plans and strategies so employees feel they are recognised and involved. In this respect, the surrounding environment and interior design are both of utmost importance for the company's DNA. A workplace must be relaxing and inviting so that people feel that they can be themselves at work and do not need to disguise their true personality. When this is achieved, the result is a culture of commitment which drives the company forward.