Smart printer


The days of running back to the office to print an important document are over. The Mini Mobile Robotic Printer is a small, ingenious printer that fits in the palm of your hand.

Our workplaces are becoming more and more mobile. We work in cafés, on the bus, at the hairdressers, from wherever we are. One thing that has not changed however is that printers are just as cumbersome and weighty as they always were. This issue has been highlighted by a number of students at the Jerusalem College of Technology who, after some major research finding that there were no mobile printers to match their needs, decided to construct their own. The result is a smart invention called The Mini Mobile Robotic Printer, which is only 10 centimetres high and 11.5 centimetres long. It is also equipped with wireless connectivity technology for smartphones and computers allowing it to scan in documents. To use it, place it on a piece of paper and using an optical sensor, it runs back and forth via an omni-wheel system across the paper until the document is printed. The injket can print out a total of 1,000 A4 sheets before it needs to be replaced. The print speed is still only 1.2 pages per minute but this figure is expected to be soon increased.