Stand up and get more done


Sitting down all day every day isn't good, either for the body or for the mind. That's why a height-adjustable desk is absolutely the best investment you can make. What's more, you'll become more creative…

The way we sit, stand and walk influences our well-being perhaps far more than we can imagine. Our posture is a mirror of how we feel, and this is rarely as obvious as in our workplaces.
A recently-published study by the Texas A&M Health Science Center shows that our productivity can increase by as much as 46 per cent if we can alternate between standing and sitting. This can be explained by the fact that when we sit less our bodies feels better. We get fewer aches in our back and joints, and we can devote all our energy to the task in front of us. This was agreed by no less than 75 per cent of the participants in the study. They didn't notice any major change during the first month, but after that the result improved significantly week by week. But, as always, it's a matter of striking a balance, of alternating between sitting and standing and finding the best solution for you personally. At Kinnarps, we have a series of innovative, smart desks we would like to recommend. You can read more about them here.