The coolest places to work


They may not be the most attractive or user-friendly places to work but they're definitely the coolest. Kinnarps has checked them out!

How about grabbing the mic and doing a few numbers in the karaoke bar after lunch? That would certainly raise the spirits! Employees of Google California can do just that. It's a workplace that has really focused on fun and fantasy - meetings can be held in indoor cable cars, for example… All sounds a bit odd?

Well, I suppose you just have to believe in the age-old saying: all methods are good except for the bad ones.…and it's a well-known fact that a creative environment makes employees more committed and more efficient. Although not everyone would feel comfortable having a discussion in a pirate ship as they do at the American invention factory, Inventionland…but, since the whole of the company's business idea is based on thinking outside the box and coming up with different concepts, it makes sense.

One company that has really adopted a "love at work" theme is Dropbox: two of its meeting rooms are called Romance Chamber and Break Up Room and are tailor made for employees who need to talk to each other. Here are the pictures of the workplaces you didn't believe could exist!