The house that breathes


If you want to know what's behind the latest trends in architecture and design, just take a look at the world's museums. From Beijing to Los Angeles...This is where it's happening!

Having the opportunity to design a cultural building brings out the most creative sides of an architect – because the actual building itself can be a work of art. But apart from a beautiful design, today's architecture, just like everything else in society, is expected to have more than just one function.
Right now, the eyes of the world are on the opera house in Taichung, Taiwan, which is joining all the other cities which have come to understand that innovative architecture and dramatic design is an effective way of putting a city on the map.
  "I wanted to design a building that flowed together with the outside environment in the same way that the body is connected to nature through the air that we breathe," explains the architect Toyo Ito.
And he meant that literally. The building's exciting, organic curves are actually covered by a special type of porous concrete, and they function as a living ecosystem that recycles water at the same time as it regulates the temperature inside the building. Form and function at its best.

Photo: Dezeen