The smartest employee


For most people who work in offices one working day is much like another. We answer e-mails, schedule meetings and do research so that we can send a few more mails. But imagine if we could have help with all of this, how much more efficient would we be then!

One of the hottest workplace trends at the moment is AI or artificial intelligence.
AI can analyse content, produce data and propose changes far more quickly than a human brain can. The difference to the older robots is that AI works intuitively and also learns while performing the work. There are even examples of how AI is used to resolve workplace conflicts.
So how does it work in practice?
Take a law office engaged in a complex case as an example. Instead of all the firm's lawyers researching thousands of documents, the office's AI robot produces the answers and performs its own analyses in a fraction of a second.
But surely this is a long way off in the future?
Well, actually it isn't. AI robots are increasingly moving into our workplaces, quickly becoming highly valued employees and even having successful careers… in 2015 the Japanese company Hitachi had an AI system take over the position of manager in one of its department stores.
It turned out to be a successful move – efficiency increased by eight per cent.