In Greenpoint in New York, the architect Ole Sondresen is constructing an office building that is to the fore when it comes to environmental issues. Everything used has been recycled and according to Sondresen the materials are so “clean” that you could in essence eat the building...

“Build smaller. Build better. Build to last. Build sustainably.” These are watchwords and a value platform which Kinnarps shares with the Norwegian architect Ole Sondresen, who from an environmental aspect is pursuing one of the most interesting ventures in the world at the moment. He is building an office building for the crowdfunding company Kickstarter's new headquarters in New York which is 100% constructed from recycled and reused materials, for instance recycled denim which Sondresen says is so clean it can be eaten! It is likely however not to taste so good. The finished building will house offices, a library, a gallery, and a theatre and of course have a green roof.
 The exploitation plans in Greenpoint have come in for criticism from neighbours, but everyone seems to agree that Ole Sondresen's green architecture is entirely right for the area and the environment.
“The new New York, with its sculptural architecture, is green,” says Ole Sondresen.