Welcome to the future


You have a breakfast meeting in Hawaii, lunch in New York and end the day with an after-work in Gothenburg, without ever leaving your desk! Kinnarps has had a look at Microsoft's new HoloLens glasses and see a world of opportunities opening up.

2015 sees the launch of this new product which many people believe can revolutionise how we meet and interact, but also how meeting cultures will evolve . With Microsoft's HoloLens glasses on the tip of your nose, you can move in time and space at lightning speed. Science fiction? Not at all, this is science at its most advanced. The trick is that the glasses blend the real world with any digital hologram, from physical places to people. So by extension, this means that six people each wearing Hologram glasses can be in different locations around the world but still "meet up" around the same conference table. Microsoft says in a comment:

”The real world and our digital lives blend together and connect people seamlessly with each other.”

The future is already here.