Working on health


How is your health affected by your workplace and its design? More than you think!

Many office buildings are nice to look at, but are they so functional? And how can we all feel a little better at work, both physically and mentally? These are urgent questions, in view of the fact that we spend on average as much as 85 per cent of our daylight hours at work. At the same time, allergy problems, stress-related illness and ergonomic discomfort are on the increase, and it is thought that by 2030 no less than 86 per cent of the population of the USA alone will be overweight.

In 2013, New York's former mayor Michael Bloomberg took the initiative to set up the Center for Active Design, a completely non-profit organisation intended to encourage us to talk more about what smart design can really contribute to our workplaces. It can be something as simple as making the staircase more attractive with music, so that people choose to use it instead of taking the lift.

For us at Kinnarps, this issue naturally has a high priority. Read more about our total solution Better at Work and how we can help you. Click here.