The power of architecture


From materials to colours and room design, architecture has a profound impact on us. The American Institute of Architects has created an amazing infographic to show how!

We have most likely all noticed how our mood changes when we go through different rooms.  But be calm, it is not your mind playing tricks on you. There is, for instance, scientific evidence that rooms with empty walls and high ceilings make us feel small and insignificant while small rooms with wooden details and textiles make us feel safe. The American Institute of Architects has compiled its findings in an animated, clickable infographic on its website. It teaches you how the ambiance in a room and the design choices made by architect are linked. Much success has been achieved for instance in New York by opening up buildings and making the facades more transparent just by simply making them nicer and brighter. It has resulted in people living in the vicinity feeling safer and has also led to a drop in the number of break-ins.

One simple way to create a more creative workplace is to make sure all staff have access to windows or large light inlets. In a test, the reading capabilities of two groups of students were compared. The group with access to natural light read 26 per cent faster! Work is underway today in many workplaces to create spontaneous meeting points for people. A simple step like narrower corridors has proven to be a great way to increase the number of creative meetings. Do you think that the colour in a room is just an interior design detail? In for instance rooms where sensitive staff discussions are held, it is important to use neutral and calming colours, while distinct signal colours should be used in spaces which focus on creativity.