New products from Kinnarps this autumn


Kinnarps extends its range and now launches numerous new products that improve the working environment. The aim is to make time spent at work both more fun and simpler.

Kinnarps autumn launch is one of the greatest launches in the company's history. In total, thirteen new or updated ranges have been introduced to the market.  According to Elisabeth Slunge, Brand Range Design Director, this is the start of a major investment within Kinnarps. In the coming years, many new products will be introduced to meet the growing demand.  

"Wellbeing, sustainability and profitability is the starting-point when we design new products. We want to improve our customers' working environments, bring wellbeing to both individuals and organisations, while the products at the same time are able to cope with stringent sustainability demands and are affordable. This is not always an easy combination to solve. This year we have succeeded well with our autumn launch showing depth and excellence," says Elisabeth Slunge.

Kinnarps has a number of product brands in its portfolio. Products from the Kinnarps, Drabert and MartinStoll brands are being launched this autumn. Here are the new products:

a new task chair under the Drabert brand
The designer Daniel Figueroa has designed Esencia, a task chair well worth what it costs, as it is easy to adjust for each individual user through simple and logical levers. It is also an aesthetic enhancement and, according to the designer himself, it has 'so much soul and personality'. The chair is fitted with a so-called Synchrone mechanism and the back is upholstered in 3D mesh. Esencia is available in six different chair back colours, and the seat can be upholstered with all the fabrics available in the Kinnarps fabric collection.

a new range consisting of tables, stools and storage units under the Kinnarps brand
The new Trixagon range, containing tables, stools and storage units, is inspired by bees' honeycombs, snowflakes and tortoise shells. The recurring shape is six-sided – the hexagon – a complex yet obvious shape which is nature's own building block design. In the same way that bees construct their honeycombs, the furniture in the Trixagon range can be put together in larger or smaller groups, all according to your needs and the occasion.

Multicom - a new table range under the Kinnarps brand
Multicom is a flexible range of tables that are ideal for video and online conferences as well as for training sessions and general meetings.  The range is available in a large range of models – as a standing table, meeting table, table for individual work stations and side table. The design makes it possible to construct different formations, everything from circular meeting places to traditional long tables. Furthermore, Multicom is adapted for today’s technology, with stylish solutions for network and power connections.  

Senor - desks, meeting tables and sideboards under the MartinStoll brand
Senor is an exclusive range with a minimalistic design that reflects a feeling of tranquillity and clarity. The designer behind the range is Volker W. Eysings, who is an award-winning German designer who has won among others the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. He has based his design work on one thought which permeates the entire process. This time the concept and actual symbolism behind the design is the curve and Senor was the outcome – a range where the details have been handcrafted with care.  

Hotspot – a lounge easy chair under the Drabert brand
Hotspot, available previously on the German market, is now being launched on all Kinnarps' markets. The name comes from the zone that offers free wifi access, a so-called hotspot, a site for connecting and relaxing. Hotspot has a clear design and functionality and is designed by code2design. The generous armrests allow users to sit in various positions and it works both as a side board and a work surface.

Polar – an easy chair and sofa under the MartinStoll brand
The Polar sofa and easy chair are designed to attract attention. The design is graceful and seems to float, and has a large degree of personality. The choice of upholstery is decisive if you want to augment that feeling of a fifties cafe, the tubular design from the seventies or if you would rather have a sober 2013 finish. Polar is designed by Wolfgang C. M. Metzger, a renowned competent designer who has received international acclaim for his work. Kinnarps previously sold Polar on the German market but is now introducing it to the rest of the world.

Series[P] – an updated sit/stand desk range under the Kinnarps brand
Series[P] was introduced on the market in 2011 and this affordable range is now being relaunched with an updated design. A chamfered edge in the top gives it a classical and floating impression. It is also possible to get the range with a sliding top, making it easier to manage cabling and give a clean finish.

In addition to the products above the following are also being launched:

Filio – a meeting chair under the Drabert brand
Mento – a range with both task chairs and meeting chairs under the Drabert brand
Salida – a range with both task chairs and meeting chairs under the Drabert brand
Series[e]  – an updated range of storage units under the Kinnarps brand
Series[f] city – an updated sit/stand desk range under the Kinnarps brand
Collection E
– a meeting chair under the MartinStoll brand


For more information, please contact:

Ida Gustafsson, Press contact at Kinnarps AB
Tel.: +46 (0)515 383 89


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Kinnarps creates furniture and interior design solutions that employ traditional craftsmanship, design and total ergonomics to make a positive impact on people, irrespective of why, how and where we work, study or meet. The Kinnarps company, based in western Sweden, was founded in 1942 by Jarl and Evy Andersson. The company has always had a strong tradition within innovative design. From the outset, the company mainly manufactured furniture for commissions from architects. Today, Kinnarps is a global interior design group which offers innovative and inspirational total solutions. With total control over the entire chain from raw materials and production to delivery and installation, Kinnarps offers top quality products and concepts which have low impact on the environment. Kinnarps' extensive product range is designed for public environments, with a focus on offices, schools, hospitals and healthcare facilities, which not only guarantees a high level of flexibility but also freedom of choice and cost efficiency for our clients. Kinnarps’ product development department works in close collaboration with internationally renowned designers, and the products have won a large number of design awards. The Kinnarps portfolio includes the Kinnarps, Drabert and MARTINSTOLL brands.  In addition, Kinnarps can also offer a large supplementary range of products, partly from the company’s sister companies Materia, Skandiform and NC and partly from a number of renowned partners. Kinnarps is one of the largest suppliers of interior design solutions in Europe and is represented in some 40 countries. The company has about 2,700 employees and its turnover in 2011/2012 totalled SEK 4.3 billion. The Group conducts progressive and in-depth work to improve the environment and complies with the leading eco-labelling demands. Kinnarps is also certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001. Read more at