Haltia - The Finnish Nature Centre


Haltia is a new kind of nature centre which gathers Finnish nature under one roof and brings it closer to the visitor through both the building’s facilities and its stunning exhibitions. Nature from all over Finland can be experienced in the Helsinki region! The Haltia building was designed by the architect Rainer Mahlamäki, who was inspired by the tales of Kalevala, the Finnish national epic. The design enables man and nature to come together peacefully and harmoniously.


The centre signals a new era in wood building, for it is the first public building in Finland built entirely of wood.  The aim was that the interior design and furnishings would complement the modern and ecological architecture. The environment has been taken into account in Haltia’s facilities and activities alike, through skilful design and the latest ecological solutions. Among other features, the building is heated and cooled with energy derived from the sun and the earth.


Haltia's furniture solution is modern and the materials support the style of the building. Oak workstations go well with their surroundings and the clever Hotspot chairs, which can be used as mini work stations, add a splash of colour. Environmental friendliness and recycling have also been taken into account: Trio sorting bins and beautiful sorting cabinets that are easy to use are available in the premises. The higher Ava tables and Plint stools in the conference rooms introduce a new way of having meetings. The rocking Plint stool guarantees a new kind of sitting experience and keeps you awake. The curved Wannabetree screens bring nature indoors in a fun way. The bright colours of the interior follow the colours on the Haltia logo.

Project Facts

PROJECT: Haltia - The Finnish Nature Centre, Espoo, Finland

PROJECT TEAM: Timo Kukko, Haltia - The Finnish Nature Centre; Rainer Mahlamäki, Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects; Taina Väisänen, Architect and lighting design company TAKT; Aija Kovanen, Kinnarps Oy; Tytti Nevalainen, Kinnarps Oy