HiQ, Finland


HiQ is an IT consultancy company specialising in business-critical communications and software solutions. The company's goal is to make life easier for people and help clients to develop and streamline their operations. The company aims to provide their clients with information on new information technology and the possibilities it brings so that they can improve their productivity.


The company hoped for a dynamic working environment that would reflect the modern spirit of the business and new ways of working while also offering visibility for clients and partners too.

They wanted various kinds of flexible work spaces in the office: spaces for intensive work as well as spaces with different ambiences to suit project and team work. The company also wanted to give visibility to the clients and their business in some way and create an energetic, hands-on environment.


The premises were refurbished piece by piece and the decoration is now a functional mix of old and new.

Kinnarps designed the refurbishment, which resulted in more a efficient use of the premises. New working methods are evident in the fact that sales and supervisors, for example, do not have assigned desks at all. Personal storage space has also been reduced: lockers where everyone can store their belongings have been introduced.

The premises are in versatile use. Team meetings take place in the fourth floor coffee room. The colours are vibrant and in accordance with the brand colour scheme – there is plenty of pink, purple and black. The conference rooms now have a fresh lime look.

Partners are visible in the conference rooms which feature wall-sized pictures of Tanja Poutiainen and Mikko Hirvonen in competition, bringing each room an individual ambiance. The popular conference rooms are in constant use and, for example in the Mikko Hirvonen room, conference participants can either stand or sit on Plint stools around a higher Ava table.

"Our wishes have been heard. The collaboration with the designer went extremely well," Päivi Kyttälä said.

Project Facts

PROJECT TEAM: Emilia Lampinen, HiQ; Päivi Kyttälä, HiQ; Merja Kelaranta, Kinnarps Oy

WORKSTATIONS: approx. 160

FURNITURE PROJECT: Years 2011–2013