Kinnarps, Eiksmarka Norway


Analysis of requirements
When kinnarps norway needed to fit out its new work environment in eiksmarka, oslo, they made the natural choice of working according to kinnarps’ own next office™ – abw concept. all employees were involved in the process of analysing their activities, how these could be best realised and how much time would be devoted to them on each working day, week and month. this allowed them to determine the total requirements for various types of environments and work areas.

Next Office™ − Activity based working
In the Kinnarps version of the activity based work environment, Next Office™ – ABW, we offer an overall approach which takes into account both the work and digital environments as well as management/organisational aspects. After all, choosing an activity based work environment is a conversion project rather than just a furnishing project. Together we create environments which permit an optimum balance between private and social activities, between meetings and individual work, between concentration and dialogue. /nextoffice


Suitable for both individuals and groups
“We acquired a good understanding that a wide range of different types of environments is available for use in one and the same workplace,” says Liv Tveter, Managing Director Kinnarps Norway. We realised how important it was for the environments we chose to be flexible and support precisely those activities we carry out during a working day. Everyone involved was thus able to contribute to the final design. So everyone participated in a solution that was suitable for both individuals and groups.


Flexible and functional work environments
“We finally got an activity based work environment dovetailed precisely to our needs,” sums up Liv Tveter. Furniture with good overall ergonomics, functional areas, an attractive design and colour combinations. The solution also gave us a more structured approach to our work, as we now carefully consider which environment to choose depending on the job in hand. This gives us variation in our working day, and we socialise more as we often meet each other in different types of situations and environments.