Mauersegler, Switzerland


Renovation of retirement home
After some considerable renovation work, the Mauersegler retirement home was officially opened in Adliswil, Switzerland in March 2014. Mauersegler has two floors with space for 17 old people suffering from dementia, which places demands on the interior design to meet their very specific needs. The home was previously somewhat unstructured with different type of interiors, colours and styles. So there was a need to create a uniform and cosy environment with a focus on quality, functionality and safety.


Unique prerequisites
The challenge was to provide a total feeling of balance and harmony in a facility that consists of various types of environments. And which are housed in a unique building with special fire and environmental regulations. It was also important to meet the residents’ individual needs with a customised and functional interior, which at the same time provided a homely and warm atmosphere.


A feeling of harmony
Mauersegler has, after the renovation, become a residents home with a feeling of order, harmony and tranquility,” says Rudolpho Allisson, head of the retirement home. ”In collaboration with Susanne Wagner, Kinnarps has listened to our needs and created a thought-out, welcoming and homely environment. An appealing overall finish of high quality, functionality and safety, where furniture, colour selection, textiles, and lighting contribute to a sense of balance in the different rooms.

Project Facts

CLIENT: Haus zum Mauersegler – retirement home for people with dementia consisting of two floors with space for 17 in Adliswil, Switzerland. Contains accommodation, common rooms, dining room, activities room and winter garden.

PROJECT GROUP: Mario Buchser and Emma Garby; Kinnarps Switzerland. Interior design architect Susanne Wagner; Wagner Interior Architecture & Consulting Konstanz Germany. Rudolpho Allison; head of the retirement home.

COMPLETED: March 2014

INTERIOR FITTINGS: Products from Kinnarps’ different product brands Kinnarps, Materia, Skandiform and NC Nordic Care.