Sheltered home Elsie, Finland


The Elsie sheltered home, primarily owned by Sipoon Palvelutalosäätiö and the Sipoo municipality, offers independent living for the elderly, the disabled and those suffering from memory disorders. The three-floor sheltered home has two group homes, rental flats as well as daytime activities offered by the municipality and a dining room which doubles as an assembly hall.

The building is located at the centre of Nikkilä and was designed by Architect Office Sollamo Ltd. Kinnarps was in charge of the interior design. In addition to working environments and classroom furniture, Kinnarps offers solutions for home-like living.


The functionality of the furniture makes the day-to-day work easier. The cosy building forms a harmonious balance with its surroundings and both its facade and the materials have been designed to withstand time. The yellow colour promises sunny days and relaxed community spirit. The warm colour scheme continues inside the house: chairs in warm tones together with homey fabrics create a peaceful ambiance.

The basis of the furniture and decoration plan made by Kinnarps was to create a home-like and functional environment for customers, staff and other people using the facilities.  After all, in addition to being a living and care environment, the building is also a workplace for the staff. This is why many pieces of the furniture have features which make the day-to-day care work easier.


"The users' ability to function has been taken into account especially. When the users have a diminished ability to function, the demands on the furniture are greater," Customership Manager Riitta Mustalahti said, and gave the moisture protectors and washable upholstery as examples. The elevated dining room chairs, which are easy to move around due to their wheels, make care work easier.

Other details have been added for increased comfort and atmosphere, such as acoustics boards with old photos of Sipoo. "Life at Elsie is cosy and home-like. The clarity of the space is an important factor in relieving the feeling of chaos the residents might experience," Asta Stenvall, Executive Manager of Sipoo Palvelutalosäätiö, said.





Project Facts

CLIENT:  Sipoon palvelutalosäätiö, Sipoo municipality, Kårkulla samkommun

PROJECT: The interior decoration and furniture for the Elsie sheltered home, located in Nikkilä, Sipoo, Finland

PROJECT TEAM: Sipoon palvelutalosäätiö: Asta Stenvall and Clas Nyman; Sipoo municipality: Helena Räsänen; Kårkulla samkommun: Gunilla Backman; Kinnarps Oy: the sales team for home-like living.