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Today work is not something you go to. Today, work is what you do. Working methods are changing along with technology, and traditional workspaces are evolving. Next Office is Kinnarps approach to future working environments.

The concepts, where one possible solution is Activity Based Working (= ABW), are based on our interpretation of research, new ideas and insights that generate new solutions for the future workplace. ABW is an approach where the working environment is tailored to a range of activities and the personal workplace is exchanged for a variety of flexible, functional and stimulating settings that support different tasks. The scale of activity based working is dependent on each organisation’s structure and people.

An ordinary day at work involves many different tasks. Today’s technology makes it possible to perform them in different environments, both inside and outside the office. Whereas we used to go to work, today we take our work with us wherever we go.

Banks of desks can be removed in favour of several different types of work setting. Small quiet rooms or booths can sit alongside more open spaces which promote the flow of conversation. Drop-in rooms of different sizes can be located next to a lounge for a more relaxed atmosphere giving scope for spontaneous interactions.

The Next Office philosophy is based on a holistic perspective that includes everything from furniture to sound, light, colour, air quality and technology; where each component is a crucial part of a successful whole.

The benefits of Next Office-ABW are many. Reduced facility costs thanks to the effective use of floor space. A more sustainable and adaptable office for many years to come. Greater creativity and, not least, increased well-being of the employees who will be able to move between several ergonomic environments – fully adapted to the tasks they want to perform.



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