Kinnarps AB wins Excellent Green Supplier of the Year award

The 4th of March Kinnarps AB will receive the esteemed prize Excellent Green Supplier of the Year from the Swedish Environmental Management Council. It will be presented at the Green Procurement 2009 conference at Folkets Hus in Stockholm. Last time Kinnarps received an environmental prize was in 1994 and a lot has happened since then. Time and effort has been invested to develop the environmental work and today Kinnarps can be proud of the well thought of environmental work which is present in the whole chain.

The jury motivates the award as follows:
“Kinnarps is awarded Excellent green supplier of the year 2009 due to their long tradition of working seriously with environmental issues and understanding the importance of working towards sustainable development. Kinnarps has during many years stood for fresh ideas within product development and material processes as well as working to secure that the wood used in their products comes from responsibly managed forests. Kinnarps has at the same time taken responsibility to contribute with knowledge and opinions to national and international actors within its branch.”

It has been important to Kinnarps right from the start to be efficient with resources.
– Kinnarps has always had a holistic way of thinking and environmental questions have been present even before the global environmental threat became a reality, says Henry Jarlsson, CEO and son of the founders Jarl and Evy Andersson.

Kinnarps blanket was introduced as a replacement for packaging in 1960 and it is still being used. The blanket is used to decrease packing waste for both customer and Kinnarps. During 1970’s Kinnarps began to take care of its wood waste and press it into briquettes. Today Kinnarps factories in Kinnarp and Skillingaryd are heated by briquettes only. As further example Kinnarps has decreased solvent emissions by 90 % since 1988, received ISO-certification early, partaken in standardisation work and worked for FCS-certified wood. 

Future goal for Kinnarps’ environmental work is to reach long-term sustainability. To be able to communicate this better the company is working towards a sustainability report.
Kinnarps will also be supplying the headquarters of the world’s largest environmental network IUCN with furniture and in that way helping to build a global example which corresponds to the highest demands on ecological efficiency.

To receive an award such as the Excellent Green Supplier of the Year means a lot to Kinnarps.
–  This award clearly shows that the work we put on environment does not just contribute to decreased environmental impact but is also a natural part of smart business, says Henry Jarlsson.

For further information, please contact:
Tomas Ekström, Director of Quality and Environment
Phone: +46 515-38140

Alexandra Magnusson, Press contact
Phone: +46 515-388 34


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