Kinnarps receives large order
from Saudi Arabia

Kinnarps, Europe's 2nd largest office furniture manufacturer, has recently received its largest single order ever. The delivery covering a wide range of products from Kinnarps Group will go to the new University for Women, Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

According to Saudi sources the University will become the largest specialist university for women in the world. A variety of courses will be offered, including medicine, pharmacology, management consulting, technology and languages etc. The first of three phases in the project will be ready to inaugurate soon.

The University is located in the eastern districts of Riyadh with a capacity to accommodate 26 000 female students. The campus will have 13 colleges, an advanced transport system, a hospital with 700 beds, child care, mosques and an exclusive entertainment centre for families and students. The University has also made efforts to adopt sustainable ideas. For example; 40 000 solar panels will help the University to heat and air condition the facilities and a water recycling system will irrigate the green areas. The goal is that the University will be the world's leading centre of higher education for women. The total price tag for the entire University is estimated to be approximately U.S. $ 8 billion.

”Kinnarps through its representative in the Middle East, Kinnarps Project Solutions (KPS), has been working on the project for years and we are obviously pleased that we now see a positive result” says Kinnarps sales director Torbjörn Zinn.
KPS has represented Kinnarps since 1992 and has gradually built up extensive sales in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. The successful concept is based primarily in offering comprehensive solutions including everything from interior design, lighting, acoustics, project management to delivery and installation of the final solution.
For Kinnarps this order means a delivery of products from several parts of the Group. The order includes 14 000 desk tables, 8000 chairs, 1000 easy chairs and an equal number of coffee tables and more. Most of the products will be produced in Kinnarps own factories in Sweden, but the order also includes products from recently acquired company in Germany. Kinnarps Swedish subsidiary Materia will also deliver a huge number of design products. This is also the biggest single order ever for Materia. Deliveries will be finished during April. Then there might be opportunities for Kinnarps to receive more orders in the next phases of the project.

For questions, please contact:
Per-Ola Wennefors, Director Marketing & Communications
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Raja A. Al Misri, Kinnarps Project Solutions, and 
Henry Jarlsson, CEO Kinnarps Group