Kinnarps shows holistic solutions for the modern office

Furnishing solutions for Communication, Concentration and Regeneration

Kinnarps subsidiary in Germany, Kinnarps Samas GmbH, will present its new identity at Orgatec. Holistic solutions for the modern office will be shown via a comprehensive product portfolio. The product portfolio will be grouped into the three themes: 'communication', 'concentration', and 'regeneration'. These ‘scenes’ include all aspects of design, from light and colour to acoustics and ergonomics. The stand will also highlight services, such as planning and project management.

The background to how Kinnarps presents the product portfolio at the exhibition, are the diverse demands made on modern office and public spaces.  ‘Concentration' facilitates work where thinking and attention is required – desk related and often personal work. ‘Communication' is an area of layouts designed for consultation, conferences and the impromptu exchanges of ideas – everything from formal meetings to break out furniture. ‘Regeneration’ focuses on the modern office’s need to allow rest and recreation within the working day in order to ‘recharge the batteries’.

For each of these worlds, Kinnarps offers a wide spectrum of products; with workstations, task chairs, conference and visitor chairs, personal and group storage, screens and room dividers. This translates into complete solutions for open-plan offices; management, conference and training environments; lounges, reception areas and waiting environments; and cafeterias and canteens.

The brands behind the product portfolio will also be presented at the exhibition. The long-standing and well respected brands of Drabert and Martin Stoll will be presented, as well as the premium design brand Materia, and Skandiform the brand focussing on the mid-price soft furnishings market. Also included is furniture by Schärf, MBT and Fortschritt.

In connection with this exhibition Kinnarps will also open eight new Competence Centres in Berlin, Hamburg, Minden, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich and Worms. Here will specialist dealers be available to customers - both national and international - to give a comprehensive, local service introducing the full Kinnarps story. Jörg Pannekoike, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing of the Kinnarps Samas GmbH, says:

 "The Kinnarps portfolio, complemented by presentations on light, acoustics and colour schemes, will be presented at each of the Competence Centres. At each location, the services of planners and designers can be requested free of charge. Additionally, they will provide the facility for regional events".

Structural changes are also being made to better service Key Accounts and to intensify the acquisition of new customers.

"In future there will be a substantial Key Account team to take care of our very important international customers," explained Pannekoike.

Kinnarps at Orgatec in Cologne: Hall 6, A-060, B-061

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