Kinnarps subsidiary Materia in a new suit

This week Kinnarps subsidiary Materia inaugurates its new, top modern facility in Tranås, Sweden – with offices, production and showroom under one roof.

Materia has grown continually for years. Today the company employs about 60 persons and has a turn over SEK 130 millions, of which a substantial part comes from the export markets. Now the entire organisation moves into the visionary Tranås plant, shaped dimensioned and built to support modern production flows and the company’s strong design management approach.

–  The new facility not only provides joy and inspiration, it is also a prerequisite for handling our great, export driven growth. It has been decades since a Swedish design furniture company made such a venture into new architecture, says Materia’s CEO Lars Bülow.

At the same time Kinnarps makes explicit its new brand strategy. From September 1, Klaessons’
classic products are integrated and marketed under the Materia brand. 

–  A simple and consistent brand structure support Kinnarps’ expansion strategy. This change will make it clear for our customers what Kinnarps brands stand for, says Lars Bülow.