One of Europe’s greenest buildings will inaugurates today

Kinnarps was given total responsibility for the interior design

Today, the leading international organisation for sustainable development, IUCN, is inaugurating a new head office in the Swiss town of Gland. Kinnarps as a selected partner has furnished the entire building- everything from individual work stations to the building’s visitor centre.

IUCN has had the aim of creating one of the world’s most environmentally adapted office buildings. A minimum of raw materials have thus been used during construction and renewable energy sources, such as solar cells, supply the office with power. Environmental awareness permeates the entire project, as IUCN is aspiring to be both LEED Platinum certified and for the building to meet the tough Swiss MINERGIE-ECO_P standard.

The building, which is now ready to be inaugurated has a raw, almost industrial feel to it, which was a deliberate decision made by the architect firm AGPS. The motto throughout has been that "if you don’t really need it, don’t build it" – always keeping the environment in mind!

“Kinnarps was given total responsibility for the interior design. We have planned the space and coloured the office using the furniture. In addition, we have ensured that the interior design is flexible to suit all types of work and meeting arrangements. Sustainability has been the motto, thus it has been important that the interior design solutions will be alive and breathing for a long time”, says Birgitta Skoglund, in charge of Kinnarps’ part of the project.

On the whole, it is about planning spaces and furnishing 130 work stations, two large conference rooms, several meeting rooms, lounge spaces, a cafeteria for more than a hundred seated guests and the visitor centre.

In order for the building to achieve LEED status it was important for IUCN to find a furniture supplier with strict sustainability policies, which cover the entire product line and all processes. Kinnarps was chosen partly because the company has a long tradition of environmental work, and partly because of Kinnarps' active participation in FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Cooperation between IUCN and Kinnarps has been in progress since April 2008.

“Environmental organisations and individual environmental projects which are connected to our own industry are important to us.   We are thus happy that we have had the opportunity to play an active role in this project, too, which is at the forefront with regard to ideas of sustainability. The fact that IUCN chose our interior design lends credibility to our products and the sustainable approaches we have employed for a long time. Proof of that we are on the right path and an incentive for us to continue working with environmental and sustainability issues”, says Henry Jarlsson, Kinnarps’ CEO.

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