Kinnarps furnishes the Nordic World Ski Championships 2015


On February 18 to March 1 2015, the world's elite in cross-country skiing, ski jumping and Nordic combined will be in place in Falun, Sweden to compete in the Nordic World Ski Championships. Kinnarps, who has chosen to sponsor the event with furniture to the official Championship-house, will also be on site. The house as well as the whole arrangement stand for and signals sustainability and environmental awareness, which is entirely in line with our own values and ways of working.

Why sponsor the World Ski Championships in Falun?

When it became clear that Falun would organize the 2015 Nordic World Ski Championships Kinnarps Gavle-Dalarna wanted to show their support locally and quickly stepped in as sponsor of the event. When the World Cup organization declared that the Ski Championships in Falun would be the first of its kind with an overall sustainability mindset Kinnarps interest grew and we chose to centrally support the event.

To arrange a Ski World Championship is an honorable mission that also involves a great responsibility. The World Championship in Falun takes this responsibility very seriously and therefore strives for the event to be "Beyond Expectations". With this they mean that they strive for the event to exceed all expectations and bring the world closer to the sport of skiing. The World Ski Championships in Falun 2015 shall engage children and youth, culture, business, the environment and ski lovers. We think this is an admirable goal well worth supporting.

Kinnarps felt that the most natural way to support the organizers was to become an Official Supplier. Our daily work with interior design solutions and the products we manufacture are filled with values that come all the way from Kinnarps founder Jarl and Evy Andersson. We shall work towards sustainability and minimal environmental impact. We shall work with transparency, be honest in our communication and clearly account for our sustainability efforts. It feels great that the interior solutions we deliver to the World Cup will find a home that is filled with the same values that we ourselves have had since long.

A sustainable World Ski Championship

Sustainable development has three dimensions, environment, society and economy. An event such as the Nordic World Ski Championships has large effect in all three dimensions. The environmental aspect means minimizing the negative effects caused by the Championship, fortunately the possibilities for success are very good. Few establishments have the same opportunities as Lugnet in Falun. The short distances between the stadiums reduce the need for transport. The short distance also helps to keep the event together in a good way. The electricity and heat used in the facilities comes from renewable energy sources such as biofuel, wind and water.

The World Ski Championships in Falun 2015 will be the most environmentally friendly ski Championship ever organized. For example 460 tons of CO2 is saved during the week by heating most of the temporary buildings with long-distance heating. The carbon offset is also compensated through the EU Emissions Trading System. Making the Championship a completely carbon neutral event.

As the first World Ski Championships ever the World Championships in Falun 2015 is certified as a sustainable event according to the international standard ISO 20121, which are guidelines and a methodology for how an event can become more sustainable. Falun 2015 is also certified as an "Eco-labeled event" by the Keep Sweden Clean Foundation.

Kinnarps and sustainability

At Kinnarps we are always working toward a goal - Making life better at work, which is about seeing the inherent potential in everything - in people, organizations and the surrounding world. We believe in creating work environments that leads to health, wellbeing and productivity. When we help you and your organization to do a good job, at the same time we give society, forests and atmosphere a better chance to heal.

We take responsibility for the entire chain. From raw materials and relationships to how we design and manufacture products. Pure materials and inclusive design of Scandinavian quality is a good start. Together we can find the solutions that create the best possible effect.

When choosing Kinnarps, you become an indispensable part of a chain reaction. Choosing quality solutions characterized by craftsmanship, collaboration and ergonomics means choosing a healthier, happier and more productive team. It also means a more successful and sustainable business. This is what we call THE BETTER EFFECT.

During the World Ski Championships we organize lectures in Falun with the theme of sustainability. Keynote speaker is Johanna Ljunggren who works at the Corporate Quality and Environment department at Kinnarps. She will talk about THE BETTER EFFECT, pure materials, inclusive design and the sustainability effects that are created when using Kinnarps solutions.