Kinnarps wins award for environmental work


Last week Kinnarps received an award for their long-term work with the environmental management system EMAS from the Swedish Environmental Management Council. Kinnarps was one of the first in the industry to adopt EMAS and to be open in the reporting of environmental performance.

Swedish Environmental Management Council is the Swedish government's expert body on environmental and sustainable procurement and also the head of EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). They wanted to award those Swedish organisations who have worked longest with EMAS and Kinnarps was one of these selected organisations.

“EMAS is based on transparency and open reporting  and the aim is to openly show  development in the environmental field. Today, an open mind on these matters is not unusual, but when Kinnarps gained certification under the EMAS management system in 1997, the attitudes were different in the industry. Then it was groundbreaking to openly disclose how your environmental work was progressing within an organisation, says Tomas Ekström, Kinnarps Sustainability Director, and continues:

“It's always rewarding to receive positive attention for our long-term efforts. Today EMAS is a well established and highly regarded environmental management system across Europe and it feels great to get praise because we were one of the first who dared to get on the train. However, we now need to continue to take new ground-breaking steps in the sustainability area and continue to show that we are the leaders in the field.”