The Better Report


On 19 March between 8.30 and 9.30 pm, hundreds of millions of people throughout the world will take part in the world's largest environmental demonstration, Earth Hour, by turning off their lights. Kinnarps is participating for the eighth year in succession. We are also publishing our new sustainability report to coincide with Earth Hour.

At Kinnarps, we view the climate as one of the most important environmental issues of our time, which is why we participate in Earth Hour, which has the aim of sending a signal to those in power that they should take climate change seriously. We have succeeded in cutting our emissions of carbon dioxide by as much as a third just since 2012. This year's Earth Hour action is about changing over to a world based on renewable energy. At Kinnarps, we heat our factories with wood waste from production and drive our lorries on diesel made of up to 50% renewables. Two climate-smart examples of how we are moving towards a fossil-free world.

Read more in our new sustainability report about what Kinnarps is doing for the climate and about our other initiatives for sustainable development.

Kinnarps sustainability report