5 trends from the trade fair


Our relationship with the word trend and how we deal with trends at work varies. But whatever we think about trends as a phenomena, we can acknowledge that they are a reflection of the times we live in.

Without drawing too many conclusions about and reflecting on where trends originate and why they become relevant again, I have compiled a list of five things that stuck out and at the same time felt new at this year's Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.

5 trends from the trade fair

The stone material Terrazzo

Chubby shapes and thin lines – often in combination

Milk-coloured glass and paper

Decorative stitching

The small shelf – as a decoration or a work surface

Something we have seen in recent years and which we also continue to see more of is that public spaces and home environments are converging in terms of expression. More and more products are created to fit both contexts and many people want to bring a welcoming homely feeling into the workplace. This requires a touch of cosiness and a focus on details – which also could be seen in what was on display at this year's trade fair.
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