Bodytalk – everything is connected


Ergonomics is so much more than about standing, carrying and sitting correctly. This is why Kinnarps often talks about holistic ergonomics, about solutions that take the whole person into account. Or as they say themselves YOUR BODY. OUR CONCERN.

Just in time for the trade fair, Kinnarps released a magazine called Bodytalk, about ergonomics, health and well-being. It is filled with interesting content and beautiful images – and putting people first.

By the way did you know that some of the images in the magazine have been enlarged and used in this years' stand? Here you can also see the new range of furniture FIELDS. A modular and flexible range of furniture that creates a host of possibilities with its different modules and 'building blocks'. FIELDS helps you to create an individually-designed workplace that promotes health, well-being and productivity.
5 quick tips for better health

1. Stand up for part of the working day.
Remember to use your height adjustable table. Standing up for 10 minutes from time to time may not sound like very much, but it makes a big difference to the body.

2. Move about when you take a break.
Breaks are necessary. But a break should not mean sitting down, just because you move somewhere else. Do try and move about when on a break. Take a break – to be active.

3. Hold your head high.
We sit with our noses in the computer screen for most of the working day. Remember not to lean forward and into the screen. This is easier said than done...but otherwise there is a big risk of getting neck pains which leads to tiredness, pains and headaches.

4. Sit, by all means, but don't sit still.
The best way of all to sit is to move about. Invest in a task chair which follows your body movements and which is easy to adjust to you and which allows you to sit in as many ways as possible.

5. Sound and light
We all have different sensitivities to both sound and light – but this is an issue that is easy to forget as it is not tangible. Some people need more light than others. Age is a factor that has on impact on the amount of light we need. And depending on what we work with and how stressed we are, our sensitivity to light varies. Not enough light makes us sleepy. So good lighting helps us get through the whole day.