#FairTrends with Hildur


The doors will soon open to one of the biggest interior design events in Sweden, Stockholm Design Week and Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. And now it's full steam ahead with the fair just around the corner. Exhibitors are putting their final touches to the last important details and my Inbox has been swamped for ages with press invitations, newsletters with glimpses of new products and encouragement to visit different fair stands.

I have been asked by Kinnarps to share my trend-spotting experiences from the week at the fair. Keep an eye out for the #FairTrends tag and click here to access the website. Also not to be missed are our video interviews with exciting people who all have a different perspective on interior design. The week will offer a wonderful mix of brain research, innovation, trend-spotting and discussions about sustainability and holistic ergonomics. All packed into one-easy-to-digest "bag of goodies" which I hope you will dip into more than once every day.

Kinnarps themselves say that 'it's all about people'. And, yes, this is what it's essentially about. Very little of what is going is actually about the furniture. It is more about what the furniture does for you, me and all of us by creating environments that make us feel good, perform well and develop in our workplaces. How does the brain process information from its surroundings and which parameters in an environment affect us? What is going to happen in the future and what demands are placed on designed products? I will offer and publish my opinions on these issues and much more next week.

See you soon!

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