Innovation and sustainability


There is much talk about innovation –- finding new and better ways to meet a need or request. We also often link innovation with a desire to create something sustainable.

The British architect Michael Pawlyn, an expert in biomimicry (a technique that attempts to emulate nature's time-tested patterns and strategies), visited the trade fair this week on behalf of Interface. His goal is to build a world of sustainable beauty and he encourages us to take cues from nature when it comes to building a sustainable world.

You can listen to him talk on the theme "Using nature's genius in architecture".

We feel good when we spend time outdoors in nature. Research has also shown that nature has many positive effects on our health and well-being. But surveys also show that looking at pictures depicting nature scenes lowers our stress levels in different ways and that having plants around us can increase our productivity.

One way to create an environment inspired by nature can be to use carpets. I myself was pleasantly surprised and inspired when I today had a closer look at three newly-launched carpet collections from Interface which are inspired by nature, its colours and structures. With the help of subtle and natural lines, you can create areas and rooms that increase well-being and boost productivity.