Soft pastels and dramatic blacks


I love colour and what it can do for a product, environment or interior. Many people put more thought into how they use colour at the moment. We can see in recent years how colours have become more feminine, even when it comes to colour schemes for public spaces. Where many believed pastels are too cute and should only used be for children, the sombre pastel colours are now being used in all types of environments. They feel soft, calming and make us quite simply more relaxed.

In addition to the pastel trend, we can also see a parallel trend with darker colour schemes. Black was often used previously, but today and from now on we use darker colours which pull in different directions and experiment with lustre and structure. Two parallel styles – soft pastels and dramatic blacks.
If you would like to hear more about colour and trends. listen to my conversation with Louise Klarsten from Colour House in the latest video interview. You can see it here

Colour lets us make changes, create something new out of something old. Take for instance a fully-functional good chair. Maybe it can be given a new lease of life just by using another colour? A good idea also from a sustainability perspective. This is what Kinnarps did. The JIG chair and the FRISBEE stool have now been rejuvenated using a new colour scheme.

As we concluded earlier on, we are all different. We have different relationships to colour and different perspectives. The other evening I was at a vernissage at ArkDes (click on the #FairTrends tag on Instagram to see photos) and there Note Design Studio explained how they work with colour in their various projects.
”… A colour palette has to highlight what is being said in a project. It is a bit like putting a suit on shapes. It is also a strong communicative approach; colour allows you to find the right feeling, it facilitates the creation of harmony, dynamics, poetry. The perfect colour scheme can make a project feel complete, just as much as a colour that clashes with other colours can have the opposite effect. In this case it becomes false."

Earlier in the week, Eero Koivisto also commented during the awards ceremony at the RUM gala on how they work with colour; "If a colour is trendy, then we will not use it."