The key to the workplace of the future


The first day at the trade fair has come to an end and there have been many and fragmented impressions. I will have to digest these impressions a little before reporting on my feelings on these matters. But the most enduring impression is still the encounters between people.

Just like Kinnarps say that 'it's all about people'. People are different and the key to the workplace of the future is personal solutions. Just in time for the trade fair, Kinnarps unveils new product families designed to make life at work simpler and better-looking. And the other exhibitors also have their own innovative products and flexible solutions on display. Keep an eye out for the Instagram tag #FairTrends during the trade fair week for more trends on this subject.

Speaking of the workplace of the future Today we want to decide where and how we work. We have different needs, conditions and work duties, which place demands on the design of new workplaces. We create environments that promote different situations and encounters during a working day. Environments that both promote our well-being and productivity. This was something the Guests of Honour duo Barber & Osgerby had honed in on when they designed the combined entrance exhibition and lounge area, where they have based their exhibition design on three different areas of use; meetings, relaxation and workplaces.

Hope you haven't missed the video interview with Elisabeth Slunge on the subject of the workplace of the future! Click here to see the video.